HYCO1 Announces CUBE™ 2500 Small-Scale CO2 Reformer for Entry-Level, Low-Cost CO2 Utilization Applications

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 3:40pm UTC

HYCO1 Announces CUBE™ 2500 Small-Scale CO2 Reformer for Entry-Level, Low-Cost CO2 Utilization Applications

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HOUSTON, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- HYCO1 Announces the CUBE™ 2500 CO2 Reformer, a new turnkey small commercial scale syngas production unit based on its ground-breaking CUBE™ CO2 Reforming (CCR) Technology, designed for advanced CO2 Utilization in the production of Hydrogen and CO Syngas.

HYCO1 Announces CUBE™ 2500 Small-Scale CO2 Reformer for Entry-Level, Low-Cost CO2 Utilization Applications

At the recent Asia Pacific Green Hydrogen Conference (APGH) held in Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia), HYCO1 and in-country partner PJ Energy Services unveiled HYCO1's newest commercial product, the CUBE™ 2500 CO2 Reformer. This is the first in a series of scalable commercial CO2 reformers based on HYCO1's ground-breaking CUBE™ Technology (Carbon Utilization. Best Efficiency.).

With this announcement, HYCO1 enables CO2 emitting companies to take their first step into decarbonization with a small commercial CO2 reformer that is affordable, easy to use, and can be installed anywhere there is CO2 and natural gas or biogas. The CUBE™ 2500 CO2 Reformer not only offers customers a good payback but also makes it much easier to successfully demonstrate the HYCO1 process onsite before stepping up to larger capital investments to further utilize their CO2.

HYCO1's CUBE™ Technology is the only process technology that cost-effectively converts CO2 at >95% in a single reactor pass. The CUBE™ 2500 CO2 Reformer produces low-cost, low-carbon intensity (CI), high-grade syngas (H2 & CO) at commercial scale.

The CUBE™ 2500 CO2 Reformer is the smallest unit in HYCO1's line-up and is built to process 2,500 tons per year (TPY) of CO2 along with a corresponding amount of natural gas or biogas in Dry Reforming mode (DMR), all inside a compact package of two 40-foot ISO Container Modules. Larger HYCO1 CUBE™CO2 reformers are designed and built to meet any production need including world scale of 1,000 tons per day (TPD) or larger of CO2 feedgas.

HYCO1 partnered with PJ Energy Services in Malaysia to bring HYCO1 CUBE™ Technology to Southeast Asia. PJ Energy Services' (PJES) Group Managing Director, Jamel Salleh had this to say about the market opportunity:

"We see a clear and immediate need for HYCO1's disruptive CO2 utilization technology in Southeast Asia for both large industrial CO2 emitters and large producers of natural gas. It is widely known that most of the natural gas reserves in this region have high CO2 content which needs to be removed and utilized for these producers to continue to monetize their natural gas reserves. We believe HYCO1's CO2 utilization technology is the frontrunner when it comes to large scale Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) and is ideally suited to complement Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and providing emitters a commercially attractive pathway for pursuing carbon abatement. We are excited to see our clients take this major step toward meeting their decarbonization commitments and save money at the same time."

HYCO1 is excited about the launch of its first turn-key reactor solution, as it marks a huge milestone toward creating high-value, sustainable products from industrial CO2 emissions. Low-cost, low carbon score H2 and syngas produced by the HYCO1 CUBE™ process is aimed at producing high-demand products such as Methanol, Ammonia, Jet Fuel, Synthetic Lubricants and H2 at disruptive economics as compared to other CO2 utilization competitors and today's high CO2 footprint gray equivalents.

Kurt Dieker the HYCO1 Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer notes:

"The CUBE™ 2500 CO2 Reformer is a great size for large industrial gas users not only to start their decarbonization process, but also to augment their current syngas production and gain "hands-on" understanding of CUBE™ Technology."

Dieker further comments, "The CUBE™ 2500 CO2 Reformer makes syngas more efficiently than anything else on the planet. It is a perfect solution for any industrial customer who is long on CO2 and short on CO and/or H2. HYCO1's patent-pending technology allows for nearly any H2 to CO ratio configuration with on-the-fly adjustments to match virtually any need - all in one reactor."

The CUBE™ 2500 Reformer is available now. Learn more at https://www.hyco1.com/ccr

About HYCO1
HYCO1 is the only carbon utilization company that cost-effectively captures industrial CO2 emissions from the source and turns it into high-value, sustainable products without the need for government incentives.

HYCO1 CUBE™ Technology (Carbon Utilization, Best Efficiency) converts and utilizes CO2 in a single reactor pass resulting in low-cost, low-CI, high-grade syngas (H2 and CO) at commercial scale. These major milestones have never been achieved before now. HYCO1 provides a new way for industrial companies to repurpose their CO2 emissions from being a costly burden into a profitable green opportunity. For more information, please visit www.hyco1.com.

Press Contact: Tim Lozano, Director of Marketing at HYCO1, Inc. marketing@hyco1.com
Commercial Contact: Jae Brimhall, Director of Business Development at HYCO1, Inc., jae@hyco1.com

About PJ Energy Services (PJES) Group
PJES is a provider of specialized engineering services to the Oil & Gas and Power sectors. Building on its over two decades of delivering engineering and project development excellence to clients in Southeast Asia (SEA), PJES has teamed up with HYCO1 Inc., as exclusive in country development partner, to pursue decarbonization projects.

Commercial Contact: Jamel Salleh, Group Managing Director at PJES Group

Technical Contact: Rizal AG, Director, Projects & New Ventures at PJES Group

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